Dura-Drive Driveway Mix

Dura-Drive Driveway Mix

Smith Ready Mix, Inc. has been serving Northwest Indiana’s ready mix concrete needs since 1949. We have eleven locations supplying concrete to Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and South Suburbs of Chicago. We offer a specially designed concrete driveway mix for increased protection against winter freeze/thaw cycles and deicer chemical attacks.


  • 6.5 bag, 4,500 PSI concrete mix design
  • 0.45 w/c with additional midrange water reducer
  • Internal sealer is added to the mix during the batching process


  • Mix is hydrophobic, repelling water ingress
  • Mix has higher strength, increasing density and protection against freeze/thaw damage
  • Mix has higher slump, allowing for ease of placement and finishing


  • Place and finish concrete the same as regular mixes
  • Joint the concrete according to the ACI 332
  • Apply a curing compound meeting ASTM 309 immediately after finishing


  • Keep driveway clear of ice and snow as recommended for all concrete
  • Avoid using deicer chemicals on the surface of the driveway
  • Apply a siloxane sealer to the surface every 2 years

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Dura-Drive Concrete is a premium concrete mix and as such will provide additional benefits over the standard concrete mix design. Please note that Dura-Drive still requires proper placing, finishing, and curing procedures to perform to its potential and is not a protection against improper concrete practices. If you have any questions about this product or anything else concrete related, please contact your Smith Ready Mix, Inc. representative.